"2021 FORESIGHT AND BEYOND - Innovations in Aging"




Wednesday and Thursday, September 15 & 16, 2021


The "virtual" 2021 Biennial Conference was held on  September 15 and 16, 2021. The conference theme was "2021 Foresight and Beyond.”  Most of the presenters were seen virtually from as far as Singapore, California, Missouri, Colorado, Georgia, Chicago, and New York.  The Oahu presenters came to the Kahala Nui HPGS Control Room which was in the Ala Moana Hotel’s Carnation Room.  Masks were worn unless speaking on the microphone, with the presenters in the front of the room and the MCs on the side.  The third wall had the producers Nolan & Jamie Hong of POP Creative Media, leaving the back of the room with tables and chairs for a two-day rotation of MCs of KIA President Debbie Kim Morikawa, conference co-chairs, Eileen Phillips and Kathy Wyatt, along with KIA President-Elect Rick Tabor and Board members Christy Nishita and Laurie Adamshick.  Last but not least was Sherry Goya, HPGS Executive Director.


The two-day conference featured senior care practitioners in the health and human service fields, businesses providing financial, legal and other products and services to the senior population, government agencies, nursing home administrators, managers and planners in public and non-profit agencies serving senior adults, other educators, and university students.  Presenters were local, national and international experts on cutting-edge technologies, health and wellness, businesses, innovative programs and services that promote the well-being of our kupuna.  Sixteen video presentations were also available to all attendees.


Seven “Na Lima Kokua” awardees were honored on Wednesday, September 15th, three virtually and four in the Kahala Nui HPGS Control Room.  The 5th Annual HPGS Fundraiser was also announced, when Emmet White will be honored virtually on Thursday, November 4, 2021.




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