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The Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society (HPGS) provides training and networking support to professionals in gerontology. HPGS also raises funds and awards scholarships to college students interested in careers involving aging and older people. These scholarships are funded by generous donations from the Brodhead family, Assisted Living Options Hawaii, and many individual donors. Each year, HPGS offers Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships (funds permitting) for students enrolled in the University of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University, Chaminade University, and Brigham Young University-Hawaii who have a serious interest in professional work related to aging, long-term care, and/or death and dying.  Scholarship applications must be sent by email to and must be received by July 16, 2018 to be considered for the following academic year.


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With support from a generous grant from Assisted Living Options Hawaii (ALOH), HPGS is pleased to announce a new training awards program designed specifically for persons currently working with, or planning to work with, older adults. In funding this program, the ALOH President stated, “Our intent is…to support incumbent workers who need financial support for specialized short-term Gerontological training resulting in certification.” These awards will provide tuition assistance for workers who enroll in credit or noncredit courses and certificate programs, which enhance their knowledge and skills in areas related to aging.






This endowment Fund was established with a generous donation from Nadao & Mieko Yoshinaga. The Hawaii Community Foundation handles the awarding of the scholarships through its uniform application process which has a March 1st deadline. All information is on the web at


Each year, scholarships are awarded - the minimum scholarship is $500.




With funds generously provided by the Hawaii Association of Case Managers and Kahala Nui, the University of Hawaii Center on Aging (UHCOA) and the Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society (HPGS) are proud to offer this scholarship opportunity to students interested in careers involving aging and older people. This year, we will provide two (2) $1000 scholarships to an undergraduate student majoring in Nursing or Social Work OR a graduate student in the Nursing or Social Work programs at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. This student must have a serious interest in professional work related to aging, long-term care, and/or death and dying. Contact UHCOA for more information:






Andrew Angeles is a part-time graduate student at Hawaii Pacific University completing his final year in the Social Work program.  He has learned that working with the geriatric population is a truly fulfilling experience because the knowledge gained through therapeutic interaction is priceless.  Andrew truly wants to continue to improve the quality of life of our kūpuna in the near future.

Kimberly Gamalog grew up with parents who are caregivers to the elderly, and seeing first hand how challenging it is, has inspired her to become an advocate for both the elderly and their caregivers. “To care for those who once cared for us is one of the  highest honors.”

Kari Kimura will be starting her third year in the nursing program at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.  Gerontology has always been of interest to Kari, as she has grown up being very close with her grandpa and grandma.  As an aspiring geriatric nurse, Kari hopes to give back to those who have been giving their entire life.





“I am grateful beyond words to receive a scholarship from the Hawaii Pacifi c Gerontological Society. I am attending Hawaii Pacifi c University part-time in order to get my Master of Social Work degree. While the program does not have an offi  cial gerontology concentration, I am tailoring my studies to focus on aging, advance care planning, and end-of-life issues. My capstone is focused on home-based funerals and their eff ects on the bereavement process. I look forward to graduation, when I will be switching careers to work in the gerontology fi eld. Thank you so much to HPGS for their generosity and support, and for the great work that they are doing for our community.”




“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting me as a recipient of this year’s Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society Scholarship.  As one of this year’s recipients, I am grateful for the opportunities this award will provide me. Pursuing a master’s degree in adult-gerontology nurse practitioner (AGNP) at the The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa has always been my dream. In addition to being a student, I work as a staff  nurse at the Hi’olani Care Center at Kahala Nui. Everyday, I get to make a diff erence in lives of the senior residents by providing skilled nursing care. It has been such a rewarding experience as I develop both personal and professional relationships with the residents at Kahala Nui. Last year, I had an opportunity to attend Hawaii Pacifi c Gerontological Society’s Biennial Conference, where I had an opportunity to meet speakers, stakeholders, professionals, and volunteers all across the state and country. It opened my eyes to see the impact we can make to solve the issues facing our older adults today. As I conclude the fi nal chapter of my graduate studies, I am excited and challenged to serve and provide quality health care to adults and older adults in Hawaii. Once again, thank you for your financial support in my education. Your generosity truly makes a difference.”




“Thank you for choosing me to be a recipient of the Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society’s scholarship this year. I have just begun my journey this fall in the healthcare fi eld as a student in the Kapiolani Community College Nurse Aide Course. I am excited to work with the residents in a local hospital and be exposed to the opportunities available among our aging community. I plan to complete my Prometric Certifi cation over winter break and obtain a Certifi ed Nurse Aide position. This will allow me to expand my experience and identify the area of study I’d like to focus my career on. This scholarship will help me achieve this goal by allowing me to focus on my studies, rather than my tuition. With my background in hospitality, customer service, and prosthesis, I hope to immerse myself in school and work towards my degree in the healthcare fi eld. Thank you again for this opportunity.”





““As the recipient of the Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the tremendous support that you have provided me through this scholarship. I am so humbled to have been chosen for this award knowing that there were many qualified applicants. Your generosity will allow me to pursue my dreams and no words can’t express how thankful I am. I have recently been accepted into the long term nurse aide program at Kapiolani Community College which begins in January, 2018. I am very determined to work hard in fulfilling my lifetime goal and career in taking care of those who are in need. This award I have obtained allows me to concentrate more on my academic studies without worrying to much about my fi nancial burden. I look forward to successfully completing my academic year and continuing my education in my nursing career. Once again, thank you so much to HPGS from the bottom of my heart for their generosity and support.”






“Mahalo to the Hawaii Pacifi c Gerontological Society for their generous scholarship! I’m honored to be this year’s HPGS Scholarship winner. This scholarship helped off -set the costs of tuition and my dissertation research materials. I was able to purchase the programs and tools necessary to complete my project.”



“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the generous scholarship you haven given me.  I feel so fortunate to have been selected as a recipient of this honor.  Your generosity will allow me to pursue my dreams, and for that, I cannot thank you enough.  Chaminade University has strengthened my skills and knowledge and provided me with the education I need to succeed in my nursing profession.  I am dedicated, highly skilled at what I do, and work effectively and efficiently in collaboration with my colleagues.  I have set for myself in earning a Bachelor degree in Nursing by May 2017 and obtaining a position where I can be a positive influence on others.  By awarding me with the HPGS Scholarship, you have enlighten my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school: learning.  Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community.  I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goal justt as you have helped me."



“I would like to offer my sincere gratitude once again for selecting me as this year’s scholarship recipient. Thank you all for the warm welcome and recognition. I feel extremely honored and privileged. As a future adult-gerontology nurse practitioner, I am very honored to become a member of HPGS, and hope that I can become involved in many ways in and through the organization. I learned a lot through this year’s conference. I was inspired by many great speakers, who came from all over the country and world to share their experiences with us. As a student, I feel that it is important to not only gain knowledge through classes and clinical experiences, but also through extracurricular activities such as attending conferences and doing volunteer work. Attending this conference was definitely a worthwhile decision as I gained so much great insight. I enjoyed meeting and networking with all the vendors as well as meeting people from all the across the island who shared my passion for the geriatric population. I look forward to the next event/conference where I get to meet new people and learn from professionals, experts, and renowned speakers. Mahalo once again!”


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